1.1 Release

Lots of changes, this time, so we opted to call it version 1.1. As always, a detailed list of changes is available in the changelog.

This release has a number of major changes. If you’re upgrading from an older Tarski install, we recommend deleting the entire contents of the old folder and installing a fresh copy of 1.1.

New Header

Coffee RingsBen did a new header, Coffee Rings, and we’ve added a blank header image for those who prefer a minimal look.

Theme Hooks

One of the biggest problems people seem to run into with Tarski and other themes is the necessity of editing theme files to add content to areas of the theme. This causes upgrades to be a substantial pain in the ass for users, as well as making support more difficult for theme authors.

We’re trying out a solution to this problem with Tarski’s new theme hooks. Using a single file, constants.php, code can be added to the theme without losing it when updating to the next version. Take a look at the documentation for more information.

As an example of this, our Mint stats tracker JavaScript for this site is added via the headerInclude hook.

Alternate Styles

Having seen some of the nifty tweaks to the theme, we figured it was time to make tweaking the CSS easier. The options pane now supports alternate styles, which can be used to tweak and override the default stylesheet. For example, this site is now running the polar.css style.

Tarski now ships with several alternate styles, and you can make your own by just uploading them to wp-content/themes/tarski/styles/. Got a nifty alternate style? Please do share yours with us – we may include it in the next version!


We’ve added an implementation of Matt’s Asides that draws on K2’s implementation as well. Just select a post category in your theme options and away you go.

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  1. Logan Leger’s avatar

    Loving the theme. There’s a stray bullet in the sidebar, though. Any ideas? And I’m trying to add the related posts plugin call to the bottom of a post but it goes all over the place… what’s going on. Again, another impressive release. Great job…

  2. ceejayoz’s avatar

    Logan, the Related Posts plugin likely will require the same workaround I’ve detailed for the flickrRSS plugin.

    Let me know if you have any problems there.

    As for the extra list item in your sidebar, not sure where that’s coming from. I can’t find any orphaned <li>s in the theme at the moment.

  3. Logan Leger’s avatar

    No I wasn’t putting it in the constant file. I was just putting it in the loop, I just can’t get the conditional statement right that tells it to only show if it’s a single post. Otherwise, (like right now) it displays on the homepage as well as on the single post…

    Yeah, I have no idea. That bullet appeared after the upgrade.

    Also, I am using the del.icio.us javascript to get my links. Before, it would bullet it the list with the Tarski bullets, now it doesn’t…

  4. ceejayoz’s avatar

    To make something only show up for a single page, enclose the whole thing between <?php if(is_single()) { ?> and <?php } ?>.

    I don’t see where your del.icio.us JavaScript is… did you turn it off?

  5. Logan Leger’s avatar

    I thought I tried that… it works now, thanks.

    The del.icio.us js is at the bottom, in the footer. It’s titled “Linkblog”.

    That stray bullet is really bothering me.

  6. ionfish’s avatar

    You have an additional, empty li element at the bottom of your sidebar for some reason (with no parent ul). No idea why, I’ll look into it and see if it’s a problem on our end. Just to clarify, unless a list has the class navlist or archivelist applied to it, it will be bulleted and indented.

  7. Logan Leger’s avatar

    OK. I guess I’ll have to custom style the javascript. I just really didn’t think I had to because it worked before…

    I looked in my sidebar and I cannot see any stray li‘s… don’t know what’s up there…

  8. ionfish’s avatar

    View > Source on your front page and check out lines 211 to 213 (might be a bit different if you’re logged in, due to edit lines showing up etc.). It’s most likely a plugin doing something odd.

  9. Logan Leger’s avatar

    It’s there only when I logout… hmmm… I wonder which plugin might be causing this…

  10. El Desviado’s avatar

    First of all, thank you for the theme. I have a problem with my site after the upgrade. Some of the “lines” under titles in the sidebar have gone away, crossing all the page. Dunno if is it named “stray bullet”, as Logan wrote.

    What may i do?

  11. ceejayoz’s avatar

    I see a bunch of extra code before the start of the theme code. It would appear to be advertising code from your host, and that is most likely why things are acting strangely.

  12. ionfish’s avatar

    Your problems are two-fold. Firstly, your content from the ‘Categorías’ h3 tag onwards is actually below the closing tag for the sidebar div, so it’s flowing into the rest of the page. That’s why the borders for those headers are going all the way across the page. You need to make sure that content gets inserted before that closing div tag (which appears on line 32 of a clean sidebar.php).

    Secondly, you have an extra closing div tag somewhere which is causing the footer content to spread out across the page. The validator report for your front page lists this as Error 102: Line 369 column 5: end tag for element “DIV” which is not open. The additional closing tag seems to appear just below the end of the code you tried to add to the sidebar.

  13. El Desviado’s avatar

    Ok. Fixed. Thank you very much for the support, and for the theme. It’s pretty awesome cause its simplicity and “clean appearance”. Keep workin’ on it please. Thanks again.

  14. sixface’s avatar

    Love the theme.Thanks for the update. The theme hooks’ thing is really interesting. Not to be too inquisitive, Do you have a list of things we can look forward to in the future releases..?

  15. CaBe’s avatar

    I really like this theme – I’ll be using it for a blog I’m preparing at the moment.

    I have a few suggestions, though, that I’m not able to implement myself:

    1) Tarski supports the Universal Tag Warrior-plugin, which has a cool Tag Search-template. That specific template, though, doesn’t integrate very well with Tarski, as far as I can see. IMHO it would be nice with a Search link on the frontpage which led to a Search page with two sections: The standard text-search box at the top and the UTW Tag search feature below.

    2) By not writing an About text for the footer, nothing will show up there. Great. But I would like to be able to also exclude the Search box and the Recent articles block from the footer (leaving only the Theme-info part).

    3) Finally, is it possible to put a short version of the Recent articles in the sidebar (only headers, i.e.)?

    Again: This is not meant to be ungrateful, just suggestions for at great theme from a php-illiterate ;-)

  16. El Desviado’s avatar

    Hi again!

    I’ve found a problem using your recommended plugin, skippy gravatars. In the creator’s site Skippy don’t mention how to install it in tarski, so i ask here thinking you know how.

    1) I don’t know where to place this code into my style.css

    .gravatar {
    padding: 3px;
    border: 1px solid #000;
    background: #fff;

    .postgrav {
    float: left;
    padding: 3px;
    margin-right: 5px;
    margin-left: 5px;
    border: 1px solid #000;
    background: #fff;

    2) I don’t know what code must i insert in my comments.php, cause Skippy says in his site that we could use his own comments.php, and i don’t like that idea.

    I ask here cause while i was looking for a good answer in the comments for the plugin, I’ve found that Skippy says that he doesn’t know much about php :(

    Sorry for the inconveniences, and thanks again.

  17. ceejayoz’s avatar

    El Desviado, just activate the plugin. It is already installed in Tarski – you don’t need to add any code into style.css or comments.php.