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We’re very proud to announce that WordPress.com now offers Tarski as a theme option! Looks like some of the options didn’t carry over – centered theme seems to be a popular request in the comments – but it’s pretty damned nifty to know that 400,000+ bloggers now can switch to Tarski with a click of a mouse…

In unrelated news, designer Wes Willis has a very pretty mod of Tarski up.


  1. Unspun’s avatar

    Hey Guys, I’m using Tarski theme oln wordpress.com and so far I’ve been getting favorable comments about the look and feel – except for the comments section. People tell me that it’s way too low in the page and I tend to agree.

    I think it’d be more user friendly if the comment box is somehow place just after the text of the posting. Hope you find this comment and plea for help constructive.

  2. Chris Johnson’s avatar

    It’s a quirk of the Tarski design that it works best with a smallish sidebar or long posts. The WordPress.com lacks some of the options the full version available here does, namely, a few options that help in this situation – hiding the sidebar on individual post views, for example.

    I’d suggest requesting that the WordPress.com crew add that as an option.

  3. Scentless Apprentice’s avatar

    I got into WordPress.com not so long ago. I tried a few themes within the first week and finally settled with Tarski. I really like the look and feel of it. The left-aligned, not exactly black serif font in the blog name and tagline, plus the gray horizontal lines are the main factors to its elegance in comparison to the techie/bold look of other themes.

    Problems reported earlier seemed to be fixed by now, such as centered layout, links to comments and previous/next posts. I agree that the location of the comment box should appear directly below the post, not at the bottom of the page.

    The footer widget is a nice touch except if there is more than one widget, they line up vertically. This might not be something you guys can do anything about. However, a horizontal footer would be very useful for page links.

    My only problem is the Recent Posts section in the sidebar. It lists all the posts I wrote from the first one to the most recent one while the main page shows the exact number of posts I specify. This behavior appears to be sporadic. On most days, the sidebar shows all my posts and on a good day, it shows about 10 posts. Is this something I can fix myself?

    Overall, Tarski is my favorite theme available in WordPress.com.

  4. Scentless Apprentice’s avatar

    Looks like the Recent Posts problem is a bug in WordPress.com. It’s been discussed and resolved in the forum.

    I guess my blog is all good now. Thanks for creating such a great theme.

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    Thats a rather congratulat-‘ory’ milestone… welll done on the accomplishment :)

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