1.2.4 Release

Lots of messing about with code for Tarski 1.2.4, but not much terribly exciting I’m afraid.


The changelog has all the details, the highlight of which is obviously a new header by Martin. He actually made Orbits a while ago but it slipped our collective mind and so wasn’t included until now.

I also did a fair bit of CSS work for this version, including some improvements to our rather rudimentary print stylesheet, and a new stylesheet for those writing in RTL languages. Not actually being able to read or write Hebrew, Arabic etc. I’m sure there are plenty of problems with it, so if you use Tarski and a language that is written from right to left, please leave some feedback on the forum so we can improve on what we’ve done so far.

While we’re on the subject of languages, we’ve removed the language files from the theme download, as I explained the other day. The Older/Newer post links are still a holdout in the universalisation process; there’s a fix in the pipeline for a future version but I’m afraid it didn’t make it into this release.

Bugs and suggestions on the forum as always.

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  1. Miguel’s avatar

    Good theme! :D

  2. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

    Thanks Miguel; here’s a list of the files that have changed for 1.2.4 which I think is reasonably accurate…

    • /images/feed.gif
    • /images/feed-add.gif
    • /library/print.css
    • /library/rtl.css
    • /library/loop.php
    • /library/options-page.php
    • /library/searchform.php
    • /library/tarski.js
    • archives.php
    • functions.php
    • header.php
    • links.php
    • sidebar.php

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