1.3 Release

Tarski 1.3 doesn’t have the longest changelog in the world, but don’t let that deceive you; there are some substantial changes.

Obviously the major change is the new Tarski Options page, with an overhauled appearance as well as completely renovated markup. Functionally it’s little different, but it’s much better put together from a design perspective. Most of the help text, labels and so on were completely rewritten, so there’s a new POT file on the localisation page.

There’s also a new sidebar customisation option: those of you who like to write your own code can now make a user-sidebar.php file and tinker to your heart’s content.

Legacy version, 1.2.5

We’re actually releasing two versions today; the other one is Tarski 1.2.5, which has an even shorter changelog entry—just one item. 1.2.5 is a legacy version, intended for those who can’t (or won’t) get WordPress 2.1 or higher, which 1.3 requires. You can download it from the Legacy Versions page.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped us with Tarski; hope you enjoy the new release.

Bugs and suggestions on the forum as always.

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  1. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

    For those of you who like to know what’s changed, here’s a list of the files altered between 1.2.4 and 1.3.

    Files changed

    • /js/* (Directory and contents removed)
    • /library/options.css
    • /library/loop.php
    • /library/options-page.php
    • /library/searchform.php
    • /styles/classic.css
    • /styles/polar.css
    • /styles/skyline.css
    • style.css
    • footer.php
    • functions.php
    • links.php
    • sidebar.php
  2. Scott W’s avatar

    Quick question–when using Tarski 1.1.3 theme in WordPress (using their server), the author’s “name” doesn’t appear in the post. Under the title, we see:

    Monday, April 2nd in Cat1, Cat2 | No Comments

    How do I include the author’s name on that line (as is seen on this blog)?


  3. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

    No idea, sorry. Ask them; we don’t have any control over their code.

  4. Chris Sternal-Johnson’s avatar

    If they haven’t changed our code too much, though, adding a second author to your blog should make it show up. Tarski defaults to not displaying the username if there’s only one news poster, IIRC – a dummy account should trick it.

  5. Scott W’s avatar

    Thanks, Chris. My guess that’s the solution I’ll need to go with.

  6. Chris Sternal-Johnson’s avatar

    Let me know if it works, will you? :-)

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