1.4 Release

As 1.2.5 turned into 1.3, so 1.3.1 has turned into Tarski 1.4. A few nice things in this release; all the details are in changelog as usual.

First, something I’m quite pleased with – Tarski now works right out-of-the-box with WordPress MU. The theme will now auto-detect WPMU and tweak its functioning accordingly; the specifics are in the changelog. We’ve been pleased to see networks like WordPress.com and Edublogs picking up Tarski, and we hope this makes it easier to implement.

Fans of custom header images will be happy to hear that we’ve plugged WordPress’s custom header functionality into Tarski, so you can upload new header images with ease.

In the interests of cleaning up the database a little bit, and making it easier to change options via the database and so on, we’ve combined all the various tarski_blahblahblah options into one array. An upgrade script is included and will run automatically (it’s also available in library/upgrade-to-1.4.php if you prefer, or wish to peruse). Note: The very first pageview after upgrading may have some SQL errors – just ignore them and refresh the page, they should disappear.

Most of the bug fixes are things we should have fixed ages ago, to do with the display of comments when the columns have been swapped. In all honesty it had just slipped our minds, so thank you to those of you who posted about this issue on the forum.

Other than that, there’s a small localisation issue fix (which again, several people pointed out on the forum), and a bit of footer triage: the default ‘About’ header has been removed and the blurb has moved above the recent articles listing. If you want the header back you can add it in via the Options page, but you don’t have to.

Thanks again to everyone who’s pointed out bugs and contributed translations; hope you enjoy the new release.

Point out bugs or add suggestions on the forum.

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  1. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

    Couple of notes regarding this release: I’ve updated the POT file, you can get that from the localisation page. As far as the files that changed in this version are concerned, style.css and all .php files (including those in /library) have changed, don’t think anything else has, but the best course of action is always to back up any altered or custom files, clear out your Tarski directory, drop the new files in and then reinstate any modifications.

  2. David Sader’s avatar

    In WPMU, the searchform needs /"> so it doesn’t 404.

  3. David Sader’s avatar


  4. Chris Sternal-Johnson’s avatar

    Add search to my list of functionality to check in the future – you’re right, it’s bugged. I’ll update and fix this afternoon, cheers.

  5. Chris Sternal-Johnson’s avatar

    David, creating a blank searchform.php seems to fix WPMU’s search for me. Can you confirm? I’m adding that to the Tarski download now.

  6. James Farmer’s avatar

    That’s fantastic :) Thanks for the update.

  7. Chris Sternal-Johnson’s avatar

    Cheers, James – do let us know if you run into any issues with the theme on Edublogs, or suggestions for the WPMU customisations.

  8. jacki’s avatar

    I absolutely love this theme and all the work that’s been done on it. But no matter what I’ve tried I cant get the content to fill the page (using an alternative style sheet and changing the primary width) and I can’t get the asides to show up (and I dont have any plug-ins – just widgets). So I have a left hand column, a section of content and then a whole lot of white space that takes up nearly a third of the page on the right. I wanted a full screen layout (preferably with 3 columns but 2 if I had to) but I can’t do it with this theme.

    After many days of frustrating attempts I have to give it up and move on to something else.

    Such a shame but congrats on such a beautiful theme.

  9. Hector’s avatar

    After downloading and installing over 50 themes, even many with much more “hype” and “coolness” factor than Tarski, it was easy to decide this was the best one ever!. You guys have done a great job putting together a great theme that looks elegant and nice “as is”, and highly customizable with your widget support, and good css layering, etc.

    This is how the site is looking so far.

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