1.5 Release

Those of you who’ve been following our updates via Subversion will know this already, but for traditionalists who like to download a zip file each time, here’s Tarski 1.5. Quite a lot of stuff in the changelog, but I’ll give the usual rundown here as well.

First up is a rudimentary mobile stylesheet; something I’ve been meaning to add for ages but only recently got round to. It’s not amazing, but it’s functional and preserves the Tarski aesthetic.

The theme hooks system has been massively overhauled, with the clunky and simplistic constants.php replaced by the custom plugin hooks system I described recently. Check out library/tarski-hooks.php for the hooks, and library/constants-hooks.php for the bridge between that and the existing constants.php file, which is still supported as a legacy system (and a simpler one for the less PHP-savvy amongst us).

Amongst the other new features are better OpenID comments support, and thanks to one user’s intervention there’s also much better support for static front pages—which just goes to show, if you bring an issue up in the forum there’s a decent chance something will be done about it.

Other than that, there are the usual tweaks and bug fixes. Thanks as always to those who’ve contributed translations, suggestions, and code, especially to Jordan Liggitt who solved a problem with the older and newer entries navigation.

A quick note on translations: translations for Tarski 1.4 have been frozen here, translations for 1.5 will be added to the translations directory as they come in. The .pot file in that directory is up-to-date.

Bug reports, suggestions and translations to the forum please.

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  1. goo’s avatar

    there is a bug :the content in comment parts of different posts are same
    i do not know why

  2. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

    It’ll be fixed in the next version, in the meantime you can download the latest copies of sidebar.php and comments.php from our Subversion repository.

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