1.7.3 Release

Tarski 1.7.3 includes two bug fixes; if you’re not affected by either of these things, it’s probably not worth the time to upgrade from 1.7.2. Translations should be unaffected by the version bump.

The first fix is to make the update notifier work on servers where allow_url_fopen is disabled, such as the popular Dreamhost. Please note that if your server has allow_url_fopen disabled, you must enable caching by setting the cache directory’s permissions to 777. Otherwise, you’ll just get a “No connection to update server” message. Thanks to janzo on the forum for pointing this issue out.

The asides selector on the Options page has also received a small tweak, to bring it in line with expected behaviour: all post categories are now selectable as asides, even if they currently don’t have any posts in. Thanks to lecrocq on the forum for noticing this one.

Work on the next version of Tarski continues apace, and as always you can keep track of major changes via a quick glance at the roadmap. The technically-minded amongst you can also browse the latest development build. The next version will probably be released in early November, depending on my other commitments.

Bugs and suggestions to the forum as always.

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  1. dinsan’s avatar

    thanks ….. and updated :)

  2. Tercume’s avatar

    nice theme, thanks..

  3. lecrocq’s avatar

    YES, you mentioned my name ! :D

    It was a pleasure to make you aware of this “unwanted behaviour”. I like your theme very much. I tried a lot of WP themes, but yours remains my favorite, the one I’ll always recommend.

    Long life to Tarski Theme !

  4. dinsan’s avatar

    Hey, anyway to make this 3 column plzzzzzzzzz

  5. James Bednar’s avatar

    Would it be possible to add an option to display the sequential comment numbers in a post?

    For example:

    Comment # 3
    October 21, 2007 at 9:51 pm


    #3 – October 21, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    I run a blog that tends to get very comment-heavy, 300-400 comments isn’t out of the ordinary. This makes navigating comments very difficult for readers. Comment numbers make it a bit easier for readers to reply or respond to another comment:

    #3 – I like the cut of your jib.

    Ideally, users would simply link back to the appropriate comment, unfortunately, not every that participates is web savvy. Likewise for referring back to the user/datetime stamp, too much work to type all that out.

    I’ve tried nested comments with another theme before, while the concept was good, most users didn’t care for it.

    Which brings me back to simple sequential comment numbers.


  6. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

    Try adding this before the date and time code (within the PHP tags, obviously):

    echo $comment_count . ' - ';

    If you have any more questions, would you mind posting them on the forum? It just makes these kind of requests easier to keep track of. Cheers.

  7. Christine From The Internet’s avatar

    Oh hai!

    While UTW, she is a casualty in these modern, taxonomic times; http://www.neato.co.nz/wordpress-things/utw-theme-compatibility-thing/ exists and allows UTW_ShowWhatever functions to keep on working with WordPress 2.3. Just so’s you know.

    *and* I have a plugin in the proverbial pipeline with similar functionality to UTW tag rendering (at least, in a “the kinds of things it can do”) except with more awesome. Yes. More awesome.

    So, uh, if you find the tag stuff in WordPress isn’t the cats pyjamas; boy howdy, one of those might just be the thing you’re after.

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