2.0.3 Release

There are a few more tweaks and bug fixes in Tarski 2.0.3, all of which are detailed in the changelog.

The update notifier has been the subject of a few improvements, including adding support for PHP‘s own file_get_contents function for people whose servers don’t have libcurl installed. Its error handling has also been made more robust, so when required PHP components aren’t available it will let users know what the issue is and how to resolve it.

If you want to use images as links but don’t like borders, the new imagelink2 image class will let you do that simply and easily.

There are a few text changes in this version, so if people could provide updated translations (shouldn’t take long) that would be wonderful.

Bugs and suggestions to the forum please.

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  1. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

    I’ve just put out Tarski 2.0.4 which fixes an issue with the navbar re-saving code.

  2. alan’s avatar

    I just started using tarski again and realized it doesnt have at the bottom of the page, the “previous pages” link. Are you going to put that back in? Or in for the first time (I dont remember) in any future versions?

  3. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

    It’s in there, you just need to enable it on the Tarski Options page. Just go to the Miscellaneous Options section and tick the box labelled “Paginate index pages (such as the front page or monthly archives)”.

  4. alan’s avatar

    Right on, thanks.

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