2.0.5 Release

Tarski 2.0.5 was initially slated as a pure bugfix release, but as with most things, it grew in the making. Details are in the changelog.

However, the most major features are the bugs fixed. To begin with, the navbar now reorders correctly, and no longer needs to save that order when pages are saved; more efficient and better-written code makes it all happen dynamically.

A problem with Tarski’s options saving and updating code was exposed by the new multiple authors checking instituted in 2.0.3, with the result that the save-and-restore no longer worked properly: restoring one’s options after deleting them would merely save the defaults to the database. The underlying issues have now been fixed.

On the new features front is one I know I’ll appreciate as I continue to improve Tarski: the code behind the version check is now a lot smarter. It used to just check whether the version grabbed from the stylesheet and the one in the database—now it can tell whether any given version is newer or older than the installed version, which lets us do things like show a notice on the Dashboard notifying the user that they’re using a development version.

Lastly, I appropriated some WordPress widget code to rewrite the recent articles section, with the result that it’s now added via an action hook, th_fmain, and can consequently be removed by a plugin as well as through the Options page. The recent articles’ excerpts also have WordPress’ excerpt filters applied to them too, so any plugin which adds or removes those filters will now work as expected on Tarski’s excerpts.

Enjoy the new version; all being well, it’ll be the last before Tarski 2.1, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

Please post bugs and suggestions on the forum.

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  1. Long’s avatar

    I found Tarski by chance a while back and really like your theme! So much that I have borrowed it (v 1.7.2 I believe) and made it work on my new Rails site, FATdrive.tv.

    I want to extend a big thanks to Ben and those whom contributed to this great piece of work.


  2. Joe, web designer’s avatar

    I also just found your theme by chance. Downloaded and had it running in no time. It delivers so much more than I expected. The alternate styles, header images and other option are just amazing. Thanks for the great work.

    So much to look forward to in March with the new wordpress and theme update.

  3. Angela Harms’s avatar

    Hey, thanks for this great theme. I love it. :)

    By the way, the link above that says “changelog” = 404.

  4. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

    I rejigged the server a bit yesterday and some of the redirect rules haven’t been carried over properly. Thanks for pointing that one out, it should be fixed now.

  5. LieZMaya’s avatar

    Thanks, i really2 love ur Theme

    two thumbs up!

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