Tarski in Polish, 2.1 Plans, Subversion

I’m very happy to have just uploaded Adam Klimowski‘s translation of Tarski into Polish—the language of this theme’s namesake, Alfred Tarski. You can download it from our translations repository. Many thanks to Adam for that, as well as everyone else who’s provided a translation, all of whom are credited on the localisation page.

WordPress 2.4 has been cancelled, and we’ll be going straight to 2.5 in early March. Tarski 2.1 is being written for compatibility with that next version, and hence will be delayed until then too. Keep track of our plans for the release on the roadmap page (which has just moved from the ‘Help’ section to the ‘About’ section).

The major feature of Tarski 2.1 thus far is the move to entirely widgetised footers and sidebars. I’m in the midst of writing and testing an upgrade script to convert people’s current options to the new widget-based ones. If you have any comments or suggestions about that, please post on the forum. Patches, bug reports etc. should be posted on the issue tracker ticket for the changes.

I’ve updated the website with a link to the Tarski Subversion repository, specifically to the latest stable branch (which is what you should be using; 2.0.5 is the latest release from that branch). Hopefully more people will try using svn to keep their WordPress and Tarski installations updated; it’s a little more work initially, but it makes maintenance far, far easier, as well as allowing you to take advantage of the latest security fixes, general bug fixes, and other improvements with the minimum of effort. There are a bunch of tutorials out there on this subject (for example, this one). If people are interested I can write up a quick tutorial on how I keep things up to date on this site.

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  1. John - fundas, ideas - tips and tricks’s avatar

    Nice work with the translation.

    What happened to wordpress 2.4 ?
    Why is it being skipped ?

    Ideas, tips and tricks

  2. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

    Sorry John, your comments seem to have been caught by Akismet. I’ve restored the first one. Looking at your site, you seem to have discovered why 2.4 is being skipped.

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