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One question I get asked a lot is “How do I change the custom header size?” The answer is the Custom Header Resize plugin. All you need to do is change the values to reflect the size of custom header you’d like to use, and install the plugin.

For those of you who’d like to customise things further, here are a few pointers…

The plugin only defines two of the constants associated with custom headers, HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH and HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT. There are a few others which you could also define in the same way:

  • HEADER_TEXTCOLOR sets the colour of the text that would go over the header image. Tarski doesn’t use this value, but other themes do.
  • NO_HEADER_TEXT is set to true by Tarski, because it doesn’t have an option to put text over the header. Again, this is more useful when using other themes.
  • HEADER_IMAGE sets the default header image. In Tarski this is set to the image you chose on the Tarski options page, which would then be overridden by any custom header image you set up.

Please note that if you have the WP_DEBUG constant set to true (this is usually only used by developers) then you’ll see a bunch of warnings as Tarski will attempt to redefine these constants. This will be fixed in the next version of Tarski.

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  1. Gurumustuk’s avatar

    The link to the resize plugin doesn’t work anymore. Where else can this plugin be downloaded from. My bigest issue with tarski is that the column sizes and headers are limited to a specific size. These should be customizable.

    1. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

      The site it’s hosted on is down at the moment. Try it again tomorrow.

      As this plugin demonstrates, they are customisable. The forum is full of threads about how to change the column widths; it can be done with some trivial CSS code.

    2. Gurumustuk’s avatar

      Thanks for the info Ben! I was able to download the plugin and installed it….but didn’t seem to make any differerence.

      I’ll have to dig deeper in the forums to figure out how to resize the actual layout/column sizes (which is part of what I want to match the header)…and then a way to randomize the headers so that they rotate.

      1. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

        Well, it’ll only work if you’re using WordPress’ custom header image functionality; this isn’t for the headers included with Tarski.

      2. Elizabeth’s avatar

        Thanks so much Ben for this plugin! I had been driving myself crazy trying to change my header image size and this did the trick! The only problem I have now is my header image doesn’t show up with internet explorer. Anyone else had this problem and do you know how to fix this?

        1. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

          If you post on the forum with a link to your site, I’ll see what I can do to help.

        2. hami’s avatar

          can i give this beutifull themplate on blogger .
          your link isnt usefull.
          please help me .
          i live this themplate.

          1. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

            As I said in response to your other comment, the template is released under the GPL so you’re free to create your own port.

          2. Joachim’s avatar

            This theme is great! Is it compatible with WP 2.8?


            1. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

              It should be, yeah.

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