A basic Tarski child theme

If you want to make a child theme for Tarski, perhaps taking advantage of the new functionality added in Tarski 2.6, I’ve put together a few lines of code that you can start with.

The important thing that this code does is use the main Tarski stylesheet as well as the child theme’s stylesheet, so you don’t need to copy that over.

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  1. The Populist’s avatar

    Do you have a child theme that is wider than the original Tarski 2.6?

    1. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

      No, but it wouldn’t be difficult to make one. Just add a few rules to the stylesheet. There have been a few discussions on that topic in the forum over the years, so have a look there.

    2. The Populist’s avatar

      I had previously found this thread:


      can I put that in a new “stylesheet” then save it to wp-content/themes/tarski/? to make it appear in my options?

    3. The Populist’s avatar

      I think I’ve found a suitable css stylesheet. Thank you for your reply.

      1. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

        Glad to hear it!

        The file needs to go in wp-content/themes/tarski/styles/, and there are more details on the Alternate Styles page.

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