Tarski 2.6 POT file

I’ve just uploaded a POT file for Tarski 2.6, to make translating the latest version of Tarski easier. Translations are currently still in our old Subversion repository on Google Code; I want to move them to GitHub and make it easier for people to download and work with them, but that requires some time I haven’t got right now. If anyone wants to volunteer to help out with this, let me know.

Download Tarski 2.6 POT file

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  1. Andreas’s avatar

    A brand new zipped German translation is here ready for download.

  2. Marcis G.’s avatar

    Ben, I have made translation of Tarski into Belorussian.
    See here

  3. Riyonosuke’s avatar

    My other blog using tarski theme, Thanks

  4. Monika easy’s avatar

    Tarski is the best,Thanks

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