New translations repository

I have finally got round to transferring all existing Tarski translations to a new, separate translations repository on GitHub. Thanks for your patience; I know the current situation has been unsatisfactory for a long time.

I am looking for a maintainer for this repository: someone who can generate the POT file for new versions of Tarski, and upload new translations when people make them.

One thing that I think would improve things a lot for users would be a simpler way of downloading individual translation files, without having to do an extensive search through the repository. I’m open to suggestions as to how this might be accomplished.

Translations for Tarski 2.6

So far I’ve received three updated translations for Tarski 2.6: German, Bulgarian and Formal Spanish. Thanks to Andreas Beer, Vesselin Petkov and Eduardo Larequi for providing those.

We also now have a translation into Belorussian from Marcis G. Special thanks to him for badgering me until I got round to sorting all of this out.

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  1. Demetris’s avatar

    Ben, I think I might be able to help with the L10n repo.

    I will be busy for the next 3 weeks,[*] but I can start on the 16th of June, if you haven’t found a solution by then.

    [*] Also I will have to do some reading on the basic Git commands, since the only thing I’ve used Git for up to now is pulling other people’s stuff. :-)

    1. Ben Eastaugh’s avatar

      Hi Demetris, that sounds great. I’m not in a huge rush to get it handed over—I want to make sure that anyone who takes it on will be appropriately committed to keeping it up to date. It’s not a lot of work, but it’s more than I have time for myself at the moment.

      Regarding Git, there are a lot of good links on the GitHub help site. In particular, Scott Chacon’s book Pro Git is excellent and available online for free.

    2. Demetris’s avatar

      Thanks for the Pro Git recommendation. I have been meaning to look for a good resource, and Pro Git seems like it will be an enjoyable reading.

      I’ll contact you around the 16th of June. I am also subscribed to this entry, so I am notified of anything posted here.

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