3.0 Release

Tarski 3.0 is now available to install at your leisure. It adds support for new WordPress features like menus, default headers and the ‘aside’ post format. A detailed list of changes is available in the changelog. Please note that WordPress 3.1 is required for this release.

You can also get this version as a Git tag.

We strongly recommend following the upgrade guide. Always back up your files and database before running a WordPress or Tarski upgrade. Please ensure that you upgrade WordPress before installing the new version of Tarski.

WordPress menus

Tarski 3.0 removes the built-in menu functionality in favour of the core WordPress menu feature. This means that after you install the new version of Tarski you’ll need to reconstruct your site’s navbar. Just go to Appearance > Menus in the WordPress admin panel, create a new menu, and add it to the Tarski navbar.

Header images

Headers are also now selected entirely outside the theme. Tarski registers all its current headers as default headers which you can select from the Appearance > Header page in the WordPress admin panel, so if you were using one of the built-in headers, or had added your own to the /headers directory in Tarski or a child theme, you will need to re-select it from there. If you were using a custom header you had uploaded yourself, you don’t need to change anything.

Please post bug reports, suggestions etc. in the comments or email me.

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  1. Siyrle’s avatar

    lovely theme,thank your great work!

  2. Friedrich Glasenapp’s avatar

    Hallo Ben,

    thanks for the upgrade of the Tarski Theme that I use for a few years on my WP website and the much work that you invested in this software ! With Tarski 3.0 I’m missing the translation into the German language. If you can send me the pot file I can translate it.

    Best regards: Friedrich

  3. Andreas’s avatar

    The German language files for Tarski 2.7.1 are still working.

  4. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

    I’ll be making a new POT file available to download in the next day or so.

  5. Eduardo Larequi’s avatar

    Thanks, Ben, for the new version. Well done!

    I’ve just translated version 3.0.0 to spanish. You can read a short post about it in my blog. At the end of the post you can download the ZIP with the .PO and .MO files.

    1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

      Thanks Eduardo, that’s super. I’ll try to get the translations repository updated as soon as possible.

    2. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

      I’ve just released version 3.0.3, which fixes a bug that was stopping threaded replies being given the correct parent comment, and tweaks a couple of innocuous things the theme directory folks were fussing about. I’ll try to get the POT file up tonight.

    3. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

      Ok, the POT file for Tarski 3.0 is now available. Sorry it took a bit longer than intended, I had some problems with my gettext installation.

      Eduardo, I’ve uploaded your translations to the repository—thanks again!

      1. Eduardo Larequi’s avatar

        Although there’s no change in the translation, I’ve removed all the unused text strings in the .PO file and then I’ve regenerated the .MO. Feel free to update the repository, if you want.

        Anyway, thanks to you, Ben, for all your work.

        1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

          I’ve updated the repository, thanks.

        2. Eduardo Larequi’s avatar

          Sorry, Ben. I forgot to include the link.

        3. Steve Poppe’s avatar

          hey Ben,

          I love your theme but downloaded the new version for WordPress and my blog went wacky. The copy measure (Width) is okay in Firefox, but very poor in IE9 and Chome. Any ideas what I should do? I would go back to the previous version, in which the blog looked great, if I could. Steve@whatstheidea.com

          1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

            It looks fine in Chrome to me. I don’t have a copy of IE9 to test on; perhaps you could email me with screenshots?

          2. kawamurya’s avatar

            I’ve got a parse error since I upgraded to 3.0.3:

            Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in (my blog url)/wp/wp-content/themes/tarski/app/templates/credits.php on line 6

            Is there anything I can do to avoid this error?

            1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

              What version of PHP are you using? Sounds like it’s a problem with the syntax used in that file.

              Can you try replacing the contents of credits.php with this modified code and see if that fixes it?

              1. kawamurya’s avatar

                The modified code did fix the problem. And my hosting service uses PHP 4.4.9.

                I appreciate your quick reply. I really love this theme.

                1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

                  Thanks for testing it out. I’ve released a new version which resolves this issue.

                2. Yannick’s avatar

                  The theme looks cool – with a few modifications a easy base for a new blog. Thanks. Cheers, Yannick

                3. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

                  I’ve released a new version which should fix another issue in the multisite section of the credits.

                4. marrymardy’s avatar

                  please fix theme plese
                  I don’t want same text all of my page

                  here is my problem
                  please read


                  1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

                    Firstly, it’s not my problem if you don’t fill out the description field on your pages.

                    Secondly, I don’t feel in any way beholden to help out scumbag spamlords clutter up the web with crap. Fix it yourself if it’s so important, you have the source code.

                  2. marrymardy’s avatar

                    thank you. I fill description but nothing happen.

                  3. Martin Lormes’s avatar

                    I use a plugin that alters the “edit” link of a post or page. This works fine with asides as you use the “edit_post_link” function of WordPress there. Unfortunately you use your own function for regular posts or pages which doesn’t trigger the necessary filter “edit_post_link”…

                    Here’s how I fixed it: changed line 345 in library/helpers/content_helper.php (function “tarski_post_metadata_edit”) to this:

                    global $post;
                    $metadata .= ' (' . apply_filters ( 'edit_post_link', $edit_link, $post->ID ) . ')';

                    1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

                      Hi Martin, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll have a look at resolving this for the next release.

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