3.1 Release

Tarski 3.1 is now available for download. It includes sub-menu support in the navbar, together with JavaScript-enhanced dropdowns to display them. For a full list of changes please consult the changelog.

Please note that WordPress 3.2 is required for this release.

Download Tarski 3.1.2

You can also get this version as a Git tag.

We strongly recommend following the upgrade guide. Always back up your files and database before running a WordPress or Tarski upgrade. Please ensure that you upgrade WordPress before installing the new version of Tarski.

Sub-menu dropdowns

This was definitely the most requested feature I’ve had in a while. I have some usability objections to dropdown menus, and played around with an alternative in the RC, but in the end I’ve gone for a more traditional approach. Mouse over the links in this site’s navbar for a demo of the new functionality.

Please note that they don’t work wonderfully well in Internet Explorer 6. If you want to use Tarski with dropdown sub-menus and you absolutely have to support IE6, I’m happy to commit any patches you provide.

Other changes

Apart from that, most of the changes in this version–although they are substantial–are under the hood, and involve cleaning up the code, removing deprecated functionality, and replacing Tarski-specific code with calls to new WordPress APIs. I’m always happy to be able to remove code without removing functionality, and I always feel that it’s a vindication when WordPress core implements some feature that Tarski has had for a while.

I should note that I’ve replaced all of Tarski’s JavaScript with new jQuery-powered code, and consequently those parts of Tarski now require jQuery. Given how widespread its use is now, and that WordPress itself depends on it, I don’t feel this is too onerous a dependency.

Finally, a small apology for taking so long to release this version. I’ve been really busy this summer and although the code’s been ready to go for ages, I couldn’t find time to run a final set of tests until today. As usual, if you spot any bugs please post them in the comments.

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  1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

    I’ve just released version 3.1.1, which fixes some broken markup that was appearing when no header image was set. Thanks to Jeffrey Davis for reporting this.

    This isn’t a new bug—it was present in the 3.0 branch—so if for some reason you’re stuck on an earlier version of Tarski and are experiencing this bug, let me know and I can provide instructions to patch it on your version.

  2. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

    The theme directory folks suggested a few minor changes, which I’ve made and released as version 3.1.2. You can view a complete diff on GitHub. The major change was removing some cruft from the options handling code.

  3. Luke’s avatar

    Just installed Tarski, but submenus don’t work (though they do on your site). Am I missing something? On my page I have Test Page 1 and under that should be Test Page 2, but it’s not revealed when I hover over Test Page 1. Thanks.

    1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

      Did you set it up in your menu to be displayed that way? It doesn’t happen automatically.

    2. Andreas’s avatar

      Is there a new language file, Ben?

      1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

        Not yet. I’ll crank one out tonight.

      2. Eduardo Larequi’s avatar

        Thanks for the new version, Ben. Here you have the spanish translation.

      3. Jimmy Iaccino’s avatar

        Love the theme but all of a sudden I have a yellow bar across the top of the dashboard that drops down as I’m trying to click links. Is that part of your code or WordPress?

        1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

          Tarski doesn’t make any changes to the dashboard, so it must be something to do with your WordPress installation. Try clearing your browser cache, and if that doesn’t fix it, I’m sure the people on the WP support forums will be happy to help.

          1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

            Ok, a new POT file is now available. I’m afraid other translation work like getting new translations uploaded to the repository will have to wait until around the end of the month.

          2. Andreas’s avatar

            There is something odd with the Tarski settings on my site: If I want to switch off the website’s subtitle the mark snaps back in as soon as I save the settings. Anybody experienced something like this?

            1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

              It might be to do with object caching. Nothing else comes to mind—it works fine for me.

            2. Thomas N. burg’s avatar

              Thanks Ben for the theme and Andreas for the German translation; I’ll give both a try these days.

            3. Thomas N. burg’s avatar

              Everything is fine. Thanks.
              one thing is strange though. I can’t have different sidebars for index and post pages. If I uncheck under Tarski settings it reurns to same content for all sidebars.

              1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

                Strange. I shall look into it when I have an opportunity.

              2. Theresa’s avatar

                hi, i’m using tarski, and i was wondering if i can change the margin widths, or are they fixed?

                1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

                  Sure, just create a child theme and override them, or use a custom stylesheet.

                2. Stilgherrian’s avatar

                  Ben, recently — and since upgrading to 3.1.2 — I’ve only just noticed that if a post has an image of class alignright, then a couple of returns, then the first paragraph of text, it now has an extra linebreak before the start of the text, so it doesn’t align with the top of the image.

                  Example at http://stilgherrian.com/conversations/talking-steve-jobs-on-triple-j-hack/

                  It now only aligns correctly if there’s no space between the image and the text, i.e. the image forms part of the first paragraph.

                  Example at http://stilgherrian.com/internet/zdnet-live-bringing-the-cloud-down-to-earth/

                  Is that likely to be Tarski? WordPress?

                3. Thomas’s avatar


                  I was wondering why Tarski loads (is looking for …/tarski/custom.css) if a custom.css in the child theme (…/TarskiChild/styles/custom.css) is selected in the backend. I had to create an empty file to improve response time.

                  Thanks Thomas

                  1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

                    Hi Thomas,

                    it certainly shouldn’t be doing that, could you point to a page where this is happening? Is this on the latest version of Tarski? I can’t reproduce this behaviour.

                    1. Thomas’s avatar

                      It’s on the linked website. I just tried it again. I jumps beck to checked

                    2. David Collantes’s avatar

                      Will it be possible to add the ability to have only one column? The would add an even more simplistic touch that I am sure many would like. I know I would!

                      1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

                        Hi David, I’m not really planning on adding new capabilities to the theme at this time, just maintaining it in line with new WordPress releases. If you want to do this yourself it could all be done purely with CSS in a child theme or custom stylesheet.

                        A child theme would probably be easiest since that would give you a straightforward way to change the header width as well.

                      2. Kreativ Theme’s avatar

                        Thanks a lot for keeping Tarski alive …

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