3.1.3 Release

Tarski 3.1.3 is now available. It fixes some minor bugs and improves compatibility with WordPress 3.3. A full list of changes can be found in the changelog.

Please note that WordPress 3.2 is required for this release.

Download Tarski 3.1.3

You can also get this version as a Git tag.

We strongly recommend following the upgrade guide. Always back up your files and database before running a WordPress or Tarski upgrade. Please ensure that you upgrade WordPress before installing the new version of Tarski.

WordPress 3.3 compatibility

Tarski 3.1 was released to add support for new features in WordPress 3.2, but WordPress 3.3 didn’t add many relevant features so I haven’t done a new major release, but merely fixed a few niggles. This includes fixing a few warnings, removing some invalid HTML, and making the host site name in the footer work correctly when the multi-site functionality is engaged.

Developers working with Tarski—for example, anyone writing a child theme—will be happy to know that the TARSKI_DEBUG constant can now be set by external code such as child themes or plugins. Amongst other things, this should make it easier to debug issues with Tarski’s JavaScript and CSS when writing code that interacts with it.

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  1. ibrahim’s avatar

    really like it, i m using the theme in my blog
    Thanks for the fantastic theme

  2. Andreas Beer’s avatar

    Looks good even if pumped up for large monitors.

  3. Michael’s avatar

    Thanks for the theme, using on my new site!

  4. Thomas’s avatar

    Ben thanks for yur efforts!
    I’m using your theme for this biz page > http://oertel.cc

  5. djcp’s avatar

    We had major problems with this release under wordpress multisite 3.3.2 after running an older version of tarski for a long, long time. It caused a death spiral where it ate all available RAM and left the 14 bloggers using it unable to access wp-admin/

    Is this theme tested under multisite? I can send along the error messages – we have a fairly normal wordpress / apc / php setup in our backend.

    1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

      No, I don’t tend to do multisite testing unless I’m doing something specific to that functionality. In 3.1.3 that was just fixing the footer messages to report the site name properly; if that turns out to still be broken I’ll probably just remove the functionality since it’s pretty minor and always seems to cause some headache or other. If you have a bug report I’d be happy to investigate—just post in the issue tracker.

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