3.2.0 release candidate 1

A release candidate for Tarski 3.2.0 is now available. It requires WordPress 3.4, so if you want to test it, please make sure you’re running the latest beta.

Download Tarski 3.2.0RC1

As well as various compatibility fixes, this version adds an option to display featured images in the header (thanks to Martin Lormes for this).

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  1. Andreas’s avatar

    Haven’t found any issues, not even with my child theme. I’ve updated the German language file.

    Does anybody have a French version for me?

    1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

      Thanks for testing this, Andreas. I’ll try to release a finished version before too long.

      1. Andreas’s avatar

        There is one thing I just discovered working on a new child theme: RC1 doesn’t seem to listen to changes in the child theme stylesheet. Or is there a new functions connector?

        1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

          What do you mean by “listen to”? I don’t quite follow, sorry.

        2. Andreas’s avatar

          If I make changes in the stylesheet of the child theme nothing changes when the child theme is based on RC1. When I change from RC1 to the last stable Tarski version, changes in the child theme style show up immediately.

          1. Benedict Eastaugh’s avatar

            Ok, thanks. I’ll look into it. I’m out of the country at the moment so any changes will have to wait until I’m back and have a bit of free time to finish up the release.

          2. Kundan Bhardwaj’s avatar

            Thanks a ton for the update man.

          3. Andreas’s avatar

            I ran into a major problem with one of my subsite on a network install. The front page of Tarski 3.1.3 and Tarski based childthemes doesn’t load correctly: no admin bar, no footer. This happened on one subdomain only so far (tagespflege-geseke.smmp.de), but the funny thing is this: I cleared another subsite and injected the content of the affected subsite by xml file transfer, now that other site (secon-net.de) is affected as well. The front page seems to load correctly with Twenty Ten and the like. All other sites are not affected. Do you have any clues on that, Ben?

          4. Andreas’s avatar

            Just discovered that this problem is spearding. The article index gets killed as soon as there is an article: http://ambulante-pflege-geseke.smmp.de/aktuell/

          5. Andreas’s avatar

            Could it be that Tarski has an issue with multisite installs?

          6. Andreas’s avatar

            No, it couldn’t. Got it solved. The pagebar plugin was the killer.

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