Documentation & Help

Tarski is designed to be easy to use and highly extensible. Many simple changes can be made without the usual recourse of altering files, via the Tarski options page.

This page explains how to install and update Tarski, make basic changes via the options page, add new header images and alternate styles, and offers links to more advanced documentation for trickier tasks.

If your question isn’t answered anywhere in the documentation, or you’ve run into a bug or problem with the theme, please post on the support forum.

Installing and updating Tarski

Setting up Tarski should be relatively painless. Once you have downloaded and extracted the Tarski files, upload the tarski directory to your wp-content/themes/ directory.

Next, activate Tarski via the ‘Appearance’ section of your WordPress administration pages. This will add a ‘Tarski Options’ link to that section of the navigation. Go to the Tarski options page to customise the appearance of your site.

To update Tarski to the latest version, follow the instructions in the upgrade guide.

Basic changes

Adding custom styles

Tarski comes with three alternate styles, which tweak the theme’s colours slightly. You can also add your own custom styles, which can make more radical changes to the way the theme displays. Read all about this on the alternate styles page.

Adding a translation

Tarski has quite a number of translations available already, and these are easy to install: just download the one you want to use, and upload it into your Tarski directory. If there’s no Tarski translation available in your language, why not write your own and post it on the forum, so other people can use it too?

Advanced changes

More advanced changes will be most likely made by writing a plugin to interface with Tarski’s theme hooks system. This is just an extension of WordPress’s own set of hooks, and as such should be familiar to anyone who’s written WordPress plugins before. The hooks reference contains a list of Tarski’s action and filters, and is constantly updated as new versions come out.

We advise against customising Tarski by modifying the core theme files, as this will make it much harder for you to take advantage of Tarski’s regular updates and improvements. Tarski is highly extensible and we recommend you take advantage of that extensibility rather than making changes to the core theme files.