Example Plugins

From time to time, people ask “How do I make Tarski do x?” Often, the answer is “With a plugin.”

However, people’s ability to implement the things they want to achieve often prevents them from being able to do it themselves. If the idea is sufficiently general that I think more than one person might be able to benefit from it—and sometimes even if it’s not—I’ll write one myself.

Here I’ve collected a number of these small example plugins, in the hopes that they will, in the first instance, be useful to people, and in the second, that they will provide a simple way to learn about the Tarski hooks API.

If you come across a plugin on the forum which I’ve missed here, or which is broken or out of date, please get in touch and let me know.

Tarski plugins

Custom Header Resize

Specify a different size for Tarski’s custom headers. There is a brief article which explains how to use it.

Rotating Headers

Rotating headers plugin for Tarski.

Remove Print Style

Make sites using Tarski print as they appear on screen.

Remove Navbar

Remove Tarski’s navbar.

Sidebarless Pages

Remove Tarski’s sidebar from pages.

Classy Pages

Add a class of page to the body element on pages.

Remove Post Navigation

Remove Tarski’s next and previous post navigation.

Always Show Authors

By default, sites with only one publishing author will not have the author’s name displayed by Tarski. This plugin disables this behaviour: the author’s name will always be shown, regardless of how many people write for the site.

Hide Author Names in Tarski

The converse of the previous plugin. Sometimes one wants a website with multiple accounts, but doesn’t want to credit the authors with their posts. This is particularly useful for corporate websites which are written in the company’s voice, not any particular employee’s.

Change Credits

Change the Tarski footer credits from their default value.

Custom 404 Content

Change the content of Tarski’s 404 error page.

Generic WordPress Plugins

Hidden Comment Form

Hide the comment form until the user clicks a toggle to reveal it. The plugin source code is thoroughly documented.

Only Excerpts

Replace posts’ contents with their excerpts on the home and archive pages.

Display Excerpts

Display the post excerpt at the beginning of each post.

Category Stylesheets

Apply category-specific stylesheets to posts and archives.

Post Thumbnails

Add thumbnail images to your WordPress posts.

Hide Categories Listing

Hide WordPress’ Categories widget on certain pages.

Change Comment Text

Change comment text to something else (e.g., “No comments” could become “Comment on this post”).

Posted At

Add timestamps to post dates.

Ben’s other plugins

Ben has written a number of more complex WordPress plugins, all of which are available on his projects page.