Translations of Tarski are available in a number of languages. To use them, just download the translation file you want to use from here:

Current Tarski translations

Then simply copy it into your tarski/languages/ directory (i.e., wp-content/themes/tarski/languages/) and set the correct language code in your wp-config.php file.

Last updated Monday 30th January 2012. The latest version of Tarski is required to make use of these translations. If a translation is missing, we are lacking an updated version for the latest Tarski version. Some translations may be incomplete.

Legacy translations

Whenever a new major version of Tarski is released, we ‘freeze’ a copy of the translations for the old version. I.e. when Tarski 1.5 came out, we froze a set of translations for 1.4; when 1.6 came out, we froze a set for 1.5. You can download the translations for given major versions of Tarski from these locations:

Translating Tarski

To translate Tarski into languages other than English you’ll need to download the default POT file. Please note that you need the latest version of Tarski for this file to work with your installation.

Please post any translations (that is, links to the files) on the forum, together with your full name and website (if you have one) so we can credit you in the list below.

Download Tarski POT file

Available Translations

Tarski has been translated into the following languages by members of the community.

If you’ve provided a translation for Tarski and you’re not mentioned on the list, or you are but we’ve got your name or website address wrong, please let us know so we can fix it.

Tarski Universalisation Status

All content text should now be translateable, and can be localised by the inclusion of a correctly-formatted language file. If you find anything that won’t go, let us know!

If a blog’s wp-config.php file is correctly configured, Tarski will report the language of the website. Somewhat rudimentary support for RTL languages is also included; if you have suggestions for improving it, we’d like to hear from you.

Localisation resources