Sidebar Options

Tarski has a number of different sidebar options available which you can use to customise your site.


Sidebar Widgets are flexible way of customising your blog, adding different ‘modules’ to the sidebar and part of the footer.

Tarski supports four widget areas out of the box: the main sidebar, post and page sidebar, main footer area and footer sidebar. Just install Tarski, and enjoy your newly customisable sidebar. You can find it in the WordPress admin panel by going to Presentation > Sidebar Widgets.

We can’t guarantee all Widgets will work out-of-the-box with Tarski, due to the varying ways in which they’re coded. You may need to do some CSS tweaking to get some Widgets to look nice.

Tarski supports separate sidebars for index pages (such as the home page and archive pages) and single posts and pages. This option can be enabled on the Tarski options page, and you can then display different widgets on single posts and pages than appear on your home and archive pages. Obviously you’ll have to add those widget selections to the Post and page sidebar on the widget admin page.

Theme hooks

You can also write plugins which interface with Tarski’s theme hooks system.