Styling Content

Tarski includes a number of CSS classes created specifically to allow authors to style their pages in elegant and useful fashions, without having to write their own code. There are two basic types of class, image classes and insert classes.

Image classes allow you to position images easily. For example, if you want the text of a post to flow around an image, you can just apply the imageright class to the image.

Insert classes let you position and style other elements. The ‘Contents’ menu above is done with the insertright class, to position it on the right and let the rest of the article flow around it, and the insert class to give it its border and background.

Quick reference list

Image Classes

  • imageleft – left-aligns the image
  • imageright – right-aligns the image
  • imagecentre, imagecenter – centres the image
  • imageblock – stops text wrapping round the image
  • imagelink – applied to links that wrap images, styles both link and image
  • imagelink2 – applied to links that wrap images, no borders or hover effects

Insert Classes

  • insertleft – right-aligns the content
  • insertright – right-aligns the content
  • insert – adds a border, background colour and padding

The rest of the stylesheet

You can of course use any of the code in Tarski’s style.css file, but we’re pretty sure that if you’re the kind of user who would want to do this in the first place, you can probably figure it all out for yourself. As always, questions and help requests should be addressed to the forum.