Image Classes

This article forms part of our documentation on styling your content.

Please note that this method of styling your content, while it still works, has been superseded by WordPress’ own standard implementation of this concept. Tarski supports the new way of doing things, but it will continue to support its own implementation as well.

Tarski includes five image classes, which are just CSS classes to improve the display of images in blogs using this theme. The four classes are imagelink, imageleft, imageright, imagecentre, and imageblock.

If you want to include an image like the one on the right, just use this code:

<img class="imageright" alt="Example image" src="" />

The important part here is the class="imageright" within the img tag. So, if you were to add an image called image.gif to one of your posts, and wanted it to go on the right with the post flowing round it, just add it like you would any other, and then make sure you add the correct class to the img tag.

imageleft does the same thing as imageright, except that it appears on the left. imageblock is for images you don’t want text flowing around, like this one:

imagecentre and imagecenter let you centre images, like the one below, whichever variant of English you use.

imagelink is a bit different, in that it needs to be added to an anchor tag wrapping a link rather than the image itself. The image below has had the class added to the link.

The same is true of imagelink2, except that this allows you to wrap images with links without adding borders.