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Tarski 3.2.0 adds the option to display a post’s featured image in the header. It also improves Tarski’s compatibility with recent versions of WordPress and PHP. A full list of changes can be found in the changelog.

Please note that WordPress 3.5 is required for this release.

Download Tarski 3.2.0

You can also get this version as a Git tag.

We strongly recommend following the upgrade guide. Always back up your files and database before running a WordPress or Tarski upgrade. Please ensure that you upgrade WordPress before installing the new version of Tarski.

Featured images in the header

Featured images let you customise how a post or page appears. Tarski now allows you to swap out the usual header image above the site title for a post or page’s featured image. This post shows the feature in action: it uses the ‘Splatter’ header image that comes with Tarski instead of the usual site header.

Other stuff

Apart from that, this is mostly a maintenance release. It cleans up a few bits of code and improves Tarski’s compatibility with recent versions of PHP and WordPress. Translators will be happy to hear that the theme POT file is now available with the source code.

Let me know in the comments if you run into any bugs. Hope you enjoy the new release.

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Tarski 2.6 brings support for new WordPress features, improves the API, and makes the theme far more amenable to customisation via child themes. A detailed list of changes is available in the changelog. Please note that WordPress 2.9 is required for this release.

Download Tarski 2.6

You can also get this version as a Git tag.

We strongly recommend following the upgrade guide. Always back up your files and database before running a WordPress or Tarski upgrade. Please ensure that you upgrade WordPress before installing the new version of Tarski.

Better child themes

Child themes can now support their own custom headers and stylesheets. Simply create your child theme and add your new header images to the headers/ directory in the child theme, rather than in your version of Tarski. The same applies to custom stylesheets. This makes Tarski child themes far more powerful, and allows you to keep all your Tarski customisations in a child theme rather than having to worry about backing up files stored in your Tarski directory as well.

Post thumbnails & image captions

Tarski now supports the post thumbnails added in WordPress 2.9, as well as properly styling the captions added to images in WordPress 2.6.

More customisable navbar

For those of you using the Tarski API to modify the navbar, a couple of enhancements have been added. Firstly, the ‘Home’ and page links are now added to the navbar via the tarski_navbar filter, making it much easier to remove them if need be. Secondly, page and external links added to the navbar now have more meaningful array keys when they are passed to that filter, making them easier to manipulate programmatically.

Now in HTML5

HTML5 is the future of HTML, and using the HTML5 DOCTYPE in Tarski will make it easier to incorporate powerful new features in the future. There was a discussion of where this will lead in the comments on the 2.6 release candidates post.

As usual, there are many more tweaks, bug fixes and new features in Tarski 2.6 than I can go into here. Hope you enjoy the new version.

Please post bug reports, suggestions etc. on the forum.

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One question I get asked a lot is “How do I change the custom header size?” The answer is the Custom Header Resize plugin. All you need to do is change the values to reflect the size of custom header you’d like to use, and install the plugin.

For those of you who’d like to customise things further, here are a few pointers…

The plugin only defines two of the constants associated with custom headers, HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH and HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT. There are a few others which you could also define in the same way:

  • HEADER_TEXTCOLOR sets the colour of the text that would go over the header image. Tarski doesn’t use this value, but other themes do.
  • NO_HEADER_TEXT is set to true by Tarski, because it doesn’t have an option to put text over the header. Again, this is more useful when using other themes.
  • HEADER_IMAGE sets the default header image. In Tarski this is set to the image you chose on the Tarski options page, which would then be overridden by any custom header image you set up.

Please note that if you have the WP_DEBUG constant set to true (this is usually only used by developers) then you’ll see a bunch of warnings as Tarski will attempt to redefine these constants. This will be fixed in the next version of Tarski.

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Just published an article over on Extralogical about adding custom hooks to WordPress themes, which might be of interest to the theme authors amongst you. It also offers a little preview of how the new hooks system in Tarski 1.5 will work.

June 13, 2007 by Benedict Eastaugh | Permalink

As 1.2.5 turned into 1.3, so 1.3.1 has turned into Tarski 1.4. A few nice things in this release; all the details are in changelog as usual.

First, something I’m quite pleased with – Tarski now works right out-of-the-box with WordPress MU. The theme will now auto-detect WPMU and tweak its functioning accordingly; the specifics are in the changelog. We’ve been pleased to see networks like and Edublogs picking up Tarski, and we hope this makes it easier to implement.

Fans of custom header images will be happy to hear that we’ve plugged WordPress’s custom header functionality into Tarski, so you can upload new header images with ease.

In the interests of cleaning up the database a little bit, and making it easier to change options via the database and so on, we’ve combined all the various tarski_blahblahblah options into one array. An upgrade script is included and will run automatically (it’s also available in library/upgrade-to-1.4.php if you prefer, or wish to peruse). Note: The very first pageview after upgrading may have some SQL errors – just ignore them and refresh the page, they should disappear.

Most of the bug fixes are things we should have fixed ages ago, to do with the display of comments when the columns have been swapped. In all honesty it had just slipped our minds, so thank you to those of you who posted about this issue on the forum.

Other than that, there’s a small localisation issue fix (which again, several people pointed out on the forum), and a bit of footer triage: the default ‘About’ header has been removed and the blurb has moved above the recent articles listing. If you want the header back you can add it in via the Options page, but you don’t have to.

Thanks again to everyone who’s pointed out bugs and contributed translations; hope you enjoy the new release.

Point out bugs or add suggestions on the forum.

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