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Tarski 3.2.0 adds the option to display a post’s featured image in the header. It also improves Tarski’s compatibility with recent versions of WordPress and PHP. A full list of changes can be found in the changelog.

Please note that WordPress 3.5 is required for this release.

Download Tarski 3.2.0

You can also get this version as a Git tag.

We strongly recommend following the upgrade guide. Always back up your files and database before running a WordPress or Tarski upgrade. Please ensure that you upgrade WordPress before installing the new version of Tarski.

Featured images in the header

Featured images let you customise how a post or page appears. Tarski now allows you to swap out the usual header image above the site title for a post or page’s featured image. This post shows the feature in action: it uses the ‘Splatter’ header image that comes with Tarski instead of the usual site header.

Other stuff

Apart from that, this is mostly a maintenance release. It cleans up a few bits of code and improves Tarski’s compatibility with recent versions of PHP and WordPress. Translators will be happy to hear that the theme POT file is now available with the source code.

Let me know in the comments if you run into any bugs. Hope you enjoy the new release.

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I have finally got round to transferring all existing Tarski translations to a new, separate translations repository on GitHub. Thanks for your patience; I know the current situation has been unsatisfactory for a long time.

I am looking for a maintainer for this repository: someone who can generate the POT file for new versions of Tarski, and upload new translations when people make them.

One thing that I think would improve things a lot for users would be a simpler way of downloading individual translation files, without having to do an extensive search through the repository. I’m open to suggestions as to how this might be accomplished.

Translations for Tarski 2.6

So far I’ve received three updated translations for Tarski 2.6: German, Bulgarian and Formal Spanish. Thanks to Andreas Beer, Vesselin Petkov and Eduardo Larequi for providing those.

We also now have a translation into Belorussian from Marcis G. Special thanks to him for badgering me until I got round to sorting all of this out.

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I’ve just uploaded a POT file for Tarski 2.6, to make translating the latest version of Tarski easier. Translations are currently still in our old Subversion repository on Google Code; I want to move them to GitHub and make it easier for people to download and work with them, but that requires some time I haven’t got right now. If anyone wants to volunteer to help out with this, let me know.

Download Tarski 2.6 POT file

April 2, 2010 by Benedict Eastaugh | 4 comments

I’m very happy to have just uploaded Adam Klimowski‘s translation of Tarski into Polish—the language of this theme’s namesake, Alfred Tarski. You can download it from our translations repository. Many thanks to Adam for that, as well as everyone else who’s provided a translation, all of whom are credited on the localisation page.

WordPress 2.4 has been cancelled, and we’ll be going straight to 2.5 in early March. Tarski 2.1 is being written for compatibility with that next version, and hence will be delayed until then too. Keep track of our plans for the release on the roadmap page (which has just moved from the ‘Help’ section to the ‘About’ section).

The major feature of Tarski 2.1 thus far is the move to entirely widgetised footers and sidebars. I’m in the midst of writing and testing an upgrade script to convert people’s current options to the new widget-based ones. If you have any comments or suggestions about that, please post on the forum. Patches, bug reports etc. should be posted on the issue tracker ticket for the changes.

I’ve updated the website with a link to the Tarski Subversion repository, specifically to the latest stable branch (which is what you should be using; 2.0.5 is the latest release from that branch). Hopefully more people will try using svn to keep their WordPress and Tarski installations updated; it’s a little more work initially, but it makes maintenance far, far easier, as well as allowing you to take advantage of the latest security fixes, general bug fixes, and other improvements with the minimum of effort. There are a bunch of tutorials out there on this subject (for example, this one). If people are interested I can write up a quick tutorial on how I keep things up to date on this site.

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Thus far Tarski’s wonderful translators have posted new translations for the following languages:

  • Bosnian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Bahasa Indonesian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Danish

If you’ve done a previous translation for Tarski, I’d be very grateful if you could update it for the new version. If you haven’t, and you’re able to translate Tarski into a language missing from the list, why not have a go? All translations, both new and updated, should be posted on the forum. Cheers!

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Despite only releasing the previous version a month or so ago, we decided to call this release Tarski 1.6 since there have been some fairly major changes. You can obsess over the details in the changelog as usual.

Perhaps most importantly, the header selection code in the Tarski Options page has been almost completely rewritten, although it preserves the same functionality as before. Where before it relied on JavaScript being enabled in the user’s browser, it now degrades gracefully—when JavaScript and CSS are disabled, it will still be functional, building up from an HTML skeleton rather than down from a JavaScript implementation. For this you can thank Chris Erwin, author of the Checkbox & Radio Input Replacement script that makes our new header selection code tick, and Richard Fliam who did some sterling work making our implementation compatible with Internet Explorer.

In line with other changes being phased into the WordPress admin panel, we’ve switched our required JavaScript library to jQuery, which now does the show and hide legwork for the sidebar options selection. The comments file has also been rewritten, stripping out some forty lines of code and resulting in a cleaner, leaner and more maintenance-friendly file.

We’ve also fixed several bugs, including both a recently introduced one where the ‘Author’ field in the comments form was being filled by the author link of the last commenter, and a very long-standing one where comments display was screwed up for users of the ‘Recent Articles’ sidebar widget (many thanks to Peter Cawley for providing this and other fixes).

The new update notification system will hopefully pass unnoticed, as a seamless replacement for the old one. Essentially it’s just an Atom feed, which Tarski checks whenever you visit the Dashboard or Tarski Options page (I may look into caching results for the next version). This is more secure, and allows the notification text to be translated—something that wasn’t possible with the old system. Niels Leenheer’s Feedparser does the heavy lifting.

1.5 translations have been frozen and the latest translations can be found in the translations trunk directory as usual. Just as a heads-up, this will probably be our last major release before WordPress 2.3 comes out. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we’ll see you in September for Tarski 1.7.

Bugs, suggestions and new translations to the forum please.

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Since 1.5 came out, new translations of Tarski into Bosnian, Bahasa Indonesian, Dutch, Swedish, German and Romanian have been released. You can get all the latest translations here. If you’d like to contribute a new translation, take a look at the localisation page.

July 25, 2007 by Benedict Eastaugh | Permalink

We’ve changed the way we’re deploying translations again: the new plan is for all translations for the latest version of the theme to be available here, on our Subversion repository. This allows us the full versioning support afforded by svn.

Our current plan is to freeze a set of translations for each major point release, and keep the main /translations directory constantly updated as new translations come in. New translations in languages we haven’t got are, of course, always welcome; please post them on the forum as usual.

Tarski 1.4 is available in seven languages, and it would be great to bump that number a bit. Thanks as always go out to the members of the community who’ve taken the time to provide translations.

All the info you should need on translations is available on the localisation page.

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A number of eminently sensible forumgoers suggested we add the old translations back in to our legacy version of Tarski, so we did. An updated version of the translations file is also now available for download.

April 9, 2007 by Benedict Eastaugh | Permalink

Lots of messing about with code for Tarski 1.2.4, but not much terribly exciting I’m afraid.


The changelog has all the details, the highlight of which is obviously a new header by Martin. He actually made Orbits a while ago but it slipped our collective mind and so wasn’t included until now.

I also did a fair bit of CSS work for this version, including some improvements to our rather rudimentary print stylesheet, and a new stylesheet for those writing in RTL languages. Not actually being able to read or write Hebrew, Arabic etc. I’m sure there are plenty of problems with it, so if you use Tarski and a language that is written from right to left, please leave some feedback on the forum so we can improve on what we’ve done so far.

While we’re on the subject of languages, we’ve removed the language files from the theme download, as I explained the other day. The Older/Newer post links are still a holdout in the universalisation process; there’s a fix in the pipeline for a future version but I’m afraid it didn’t make it into this release.

Bugs and suggestions on the forum as always.

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