Health & Fitness Apps for PC

Kalorické tabulky - hubnutí a počítání kalorií icon

Large database caloric value of foods. Daily energy intake and expenditure.

Arm Workouts - Strong Biceps in 30 Days at Home icon
Health & Fitness |  OHealthApps Studio

Workout for Building Strong Arm muscle, develop biceps in 30 days at home free

Increase Height Workout - Height Increase, Taller icon
Health & Fitness |  Leap Fitness Group

Height increase workout at home for men and women - no equipment

Blue Light Filter: Night Mode, Screen dimmer icon
Health & Fitness |  Simple Health Lab

Reduce blue light to help you sleep quickly and protect your eyes.

Yoga for Weight Loss - Daily Yoga Workout Plan icon
Health & Fitness |  OHealthApps Studio

Yoga for weight loss free, yoga poses for beginners to burn fat & abs at home

Fasting Hours Tracker - Fast Timer icon
Health & Fitness |  SR Group

Best App for tracking fasting hours, weight history and BMI Index

Daily HealthFit - No equipment needed icon
Health & Fitness |  Butem Group

No equipment needed, just use Daily HealthFit to workout at home.

Fun Alarm Clock -Music, Bedside, Timers, Stopwatch icon

The best free alarm clock app on Google Play!

Shilpa Shetty - Fitness (Yoga, Exercise & Diet) icon
Health & Fitness |  SSK Osmosis Private Limited

A Holistic Health App designed by Experts with Yoga, Exercise & Diet Programs

PD Test - Personality Disorders Test icon
Health & Fitness |  PpnDrd Apps

Find your personality disorders. Test your personality now!

GoWalk - Steps Pedmeter icon
Health & Fitness |  GoWalk

Track how far you walk and how many steps you take

Strong Vibrator - Body Massager icon
Health & Fitness |  healthy fitness apps

Massager for your pleasure, relaxation comfortable, very strong vibrator

Simple Daily Pedometer icon
Health & Fitness |  Pennie Group

Simple Daily Pedometer is your best sports pedometer.

Workout Master - Pro Gym Trainer and Fitness Plan icon

Best app to lose weight free, easy to get into shape, get toned arms and legs.

Keto Calculator - Low-Carb Macro Calculator icon
Health & Fitness |  Compumaster Ltd

Keto Calculator helps you determine your ideal food intake for low-carbs diets

Lose Belly Fat Workout - Burn Belly Fat in 30 Days icon
Health & Fitness |  OHealthApps Studio

Lose belly fat workout for women, Exercises to burn belly fat in 30 days at home

Baby sleep sounds: white noise, nature icon
Health & Fitness |  Family Kids Studio

Baby sleep sounds - relax music, timer. White noise to babies! Offline & FREE!

Yoga Workout by Sunsa. Yoga workout & fitness icon

Yoga for beginners to advanced yogis. Guided yoga exercises routines and poses.

Mastering Taekwondo - Get Black Belt at Home icon
Health & Fitness |  Takalogy Corp

How to increase the speed and accuracy of your kicks in Taekwondo?

Yoga for Complete Beginners icon
Health & Fitness |  Yoga Buddhi Co.

Begin your yoga journey today. 100% free forever.

Period Tracker Blossom - Ovulation Calendar APP icon

Period tracker, menstrual cycle, ovulation calendar app for women and teens.

Daily Butt Workout - Leg Workout for women icon
Health & Fitness |  Visionary Labs

Everyday butt and leg workout easily and without equipment (Buttocks).

Pregnancy Exercise and workout at home icon
Health & Fitness |  Pregnur Apps

Gain insightful information of pregnancy exercises of each day, week & month

🧘 CHAKRAS - Meditation, Activation and Healing icon
Health & Fitness |  Karma Studio Apps

🕉️ Activation and Cleaning of Chakras through Meditation and Mantras 🧘